The Atlan Vortceptor Gross Pollutant Trap is a non-blocking hydrodynamic separator that has a unique screen and treatment action producing low vortex conditions resulting in excellent pollution removal performance and resulting high water quality outcomes.

It separates and captures gross pollutants, sediments, silt, total suspended solids, some nutrients and oil and grease.

Interactive 3D Drawing

Vortceptor GPT Treatment Device

Total Suspended Solids 70%
Total Phosphorus 30%
Total Nitrogen Variable %
Gross Pollutants 99.99%
  • Separates and captures gross pollutants, sediments, silt, tss, some nutrients, oil & grease
  • Non-blocking hydrodynamic separator
  • Unique screen & treatment action
  • 900 x 900 mm flanged manhole access
  • 316 SS VORTCEPTOR Screen
  • Additional manhole extensions (if required)
  • Reinforced Fibreglass
  • Ribbed for structural strength/vertical
  • One piece construction
  • Shopping Precinct
  • Commercial Zones
  • Recreational Grounds
  • Industrial Areas
  • Beaches and Parks
  • Residential Development


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