SPEL Vortceptor: ACT Approvals & High-Performance Gross Pollutant Removal

The SPEL Vortceptor is an industry-leading Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT), manufactured using an innovative single-piece fibreglass design, with excellent pollution removal and stormwater treatment capabilities.

Now approved for use on government-maintained sites across the ACT, this innovative generational asset features both 100-year design life and a 25-year warranty.

Sustainably designed with a low carbon footprint, the Vortceptor is a versatile device that can be scaled for application across a wide range of on-site requirements and catchment sizes. With the ability to place these units back-to-back, their flow capacity can be sized up to 3,200 litres per second.

The modern gross pollutant trap design incorporates self-cleaning screen technology, which prevents clogging or binding of sediment to the same degree as a traditional device.

Using low vortex conditions, the Vortceptor performs above key industry benchmarks for pollution removal. This stormwater system has been rated at 70% removal of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and 99.9% capture of Gross Pollutants, which places them above key industry performance benchmarks.

The maintenance of the SPEL Vortceptor is fast and convenient, and able to be performed with a vacuum truck. Its design allows the removal of sediment and debris without personnel entering the GPT and low overheads across its service life.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight: Single-piece fibreglass design
  • Sustainable: 100-year design life
  • Easy maintenance: Self-cleaning screen technology

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