The Atlan StormSack filtration solutions are highly engineered water quality devices that are deployed directly in the stormwater system to capture contaminants close to the surface for ease of maintenance. Easily retrofitted into new or existing structures, Atlan StormSack filtration technology is a decentralized approach to stormwater treatment that essentially re-purposes traditional site infrastructure and customizes it to meet specific site water quality goals. In this way, it satisfies important objectives of today’s LID (Low Impact Development) criteria.

From an operations perspective, catch basins with Atlan StormSack filters are also easier and quicker to clean out because pollutants are trapped just under the grate.

Interactive 3D Drawing

Council Storm Drain Retrofits At-source litter capture Sediment, Litter, O&G
Commercial/Retail/Residential Stormwater Compliance Sediment, Litter, O&G
Litter Prone Urban Areas Cost effective litter control Litter from 5mm
Scrap Metal/Solid Waste/Oil Storage Industrial Multi-Sector General Permit Gross Pollutants, O&G
Part of Treatment Train Council Stormwater Quality Improvement Targets Sediment, Litter, O&G
Construction Sediment/Erosion Sediment Control Plan Sediment/Erosion Control

Stormsack Features

  • Allows maintenance to be performed using conventional vacuum suction equipment
  • Ultra-durable aluminium frame available in four sizes
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Cost efficient gross pollutant capture
  • Adjusts to custom pit size
  • Black poly surround
  • Reinforced Stormsack bag
  • Aluminium support angles and fixings


  • Council Storm Drain Retrofits
  • Commercial/Retail/Residential
  • Litter Prone Urban Areas
  • Scrap Metal/Solid Waste/Oil Storage/Etc
  • Part of Treatment Train
  • Construction Sediment
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