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Stormwater maintenance is essential on all stormwater treatment assets, ensuring the continued functionality of the device. Our national maintenance team can maintain your stormwater assets, preventing pollutants  and contaminants from surface runoff entering our waterways.

An Atlan maintenance program will safeguard your business with regulatory compliance, maximising your device’s lifecycle, and ensuring device issues are assessed before serious problems arise.

Why Maintenance Is Essential

Stormwater treatment systems are an investment. Atlan Stormwater maintenance team is here to make sure that clients receive the maximum benefit of their investment in stormwater assets. Specifically, our maintenance packages enable you to:

  • Have peace of mind that your site and surrounding waterways are protected from the detrimental impacts of untreated stormwater.
  • Comply with municipal stormwater regulations. Ensuring that your stormwater assets are in tip-top condition is key to ensuring that your site is ready for council inspections. You can avoid hefty fines later by investing in professional stormwater maintenance today.
  • Maximise your device’s lifespan. Stormwater treatment devices may need to be replaced before end of life due to unforeseen loads on the system. Regular maintenance and upkeep reduce the likelihood of premature replacements.
  • Follow safety protocols in conducting stormwater maintenance checks. It is important to hire trained maintenance professionals to conduct these checks to avoid accidents and to ensure that the device is correctly maintained. Our customers save on the cost of having to train their own staff by signing on with Atlan Maintenance.

Maintenance Capabilities

Maintaining stormwater treatment devices is specialised work performed by qualified technicians. Our technicians are certified to work in confined spaces, detect hazardous gases, and handle contaminated sediments and pollutants. Our customers save time and resources by choosing our services.

Get to know our maintenance team here.

Commissioning is intended to ensure that all Atlan products are installed correctly and that they are in clean operatable condition at the time of handover. During the Commissioning process, an Atlan representative will attend site for inspection and provide a report of approval afterwards. This report can be provided to any involved parties for their records, showing that the devices were installed as per manufacturer’s specifications and requirements.

Modular wear and tear due to frequent rain and increased runoff pollution can compromise the structural integrity of your entire stormwater treatment device. It is vital to mitigate issues before they become serious problems that could result in your device’s premature decommissioning.

To maximise your stormwater treatment system’s design life, we carry out scheduled maintenance checks depending on the device and load it is subjected to. Our technicians carry out clean-outs, part replacements, and repairs of all Atlan products as well as other proprietary devices. We provide a report of maintenance activities undertaken and give customers guidance on how they can increase operational efficiency.

Atlan Maintenance is accredited. Please contact our national Atlan Maintenance team on 1300 773 500 for any maintenance enquiries.

Atlan Stormwater Maintenance

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