Atlan supplies innovative stormwater products, many of which are manufactured in Australia at our production facilities in Sydney and Brisbane. Our production capabilities supply stormwater devices Australia-wide and include fabrication capabilities for precast concrete and Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP).

Meeting local requirements and on-site demands, our innovative fabrication processes ensure that our products are quality controlled and supply requirements are met on time.

Design & Delivery

Having control from the design stage to delivery allows us to maintain high levels of quality control and increased consistency across our range of products. Quality and consistency are not the only benefits of having in-house manufacturing – the ability to hold stock, locally fabricate, and project accurate supply & delivery times, ensures our customers are better informed and prepared to meet their project timelines

FRP Production Capacity
  • Ultra Helical Filament Winder.
  • Capacity – 1.2M to 4M.
  • 8M wind length on all diameters.
  • Winding glass monitoring system and material monitoring system.
  • Filament winding is controlled through a Computer control program.
  • The Operator inputs variables such as part diameter, part length, wind angle and winding band width, and the computer then calculates the best winding pattern available from the given parameters.
  • Winding Patterns are stored on computer disk for use on repetitive products, eliminating the need for entering new a new program each time a repetitive product is run.
  • Winding programs will provide the machine in an automatic mode for helical winding, chop/hoop winding, chop spray winding, hoop winding and roll goods application.
  • Winding program will control three basic winding functions:
    • Helical Wind: Winding angles from 15- 90 degrees can be wound using bandwidths from 1” (25.4mm) to 8” (203mm).
    • Hoop Wind: Used for hoop applications including hoop winding and winding roll goods
    • Liner Spray: The control system controls the winding carriage to achieve programmed liner thickness.
  • Operator inputs desired thickness, gun output, spray angle and mandrel speed. The control then calculates the correct number of winding passes and controls the carriage speed to achieve the correct thickness.


  • 100 year design life
  • 25 year warranty

Since our inception in 1972, Atlan has strived to be the ground-breaking leader for environmental authorities to see the safety enhancement capabilities, environmental compliance, and spill protection ability of two-chamber, Class 1 Oil-Water separators, and hydrocarbon spill containment tanks. We aim to manufacture Australian-made stormwater treatment systems and ensure quality assets that can treat stormwater for generations.

Concrete Production Capacity

Our dual precast production facilities are in Parkinson and Redbank Plains, Brisbane. We produce high-performance concrete stormwater assets – including OSD tanks (Atlan Vault & MegaVault), Atlan Basin, Filter Tanks, BaffleBoxes, Junction Pits and diversion chambers.

Key features of our precast concrete production facilities include –

  • Full-service capabilities for fabrication, delivery & on-site installation
  • Precast moulds & riser moulds for a diverse range of concrete production
  • Concrete pouring facilities including flatbed configurations for lids and bases
  • Coring & custom inlet and outlet configuration to meet on-site specifications
  • Formwork for customized precast fabrication
  • Logistics, project coordination, stock control & warehousing


    • 50 year design life
    • 10 year warranty

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