Atlan’s ongoing commitment to testing, research and development is rewarded by our growing collection of certifications and accreditations.

These give our customers a hassle-free experience with both the quality and deliverability of our products.

Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol (SQIDEP)

SQIDEP is a standardized approach to verifying the performance of stormwater systems by providing industry-formulated evaluation through an independent process.

Driving best practice and standardisation in the stormwater sector, SQIDEP provides guidelines for reporting & assessing the performance of stormwater treatment devices.

SQIDEP provides a uniform set of criteria for field-testing and reporting stormwater treatment. These criteria provide a framework for field monitoring programs seeking to show pollutant removal and stormwater treatment measures included in pollutant export modelling software.

Future revision of the protocol will likely extend this to include laboratory testing, and provide more options to the dual pathways currently available for SQIDEP approval.

For more information on SQIDEP visit Stormwater Australia.

Green Building Council Australia - Green Star

Launched by Green Building Council Australia in 2003, the Green Star rating system aims to promote better environmental outcomes in the design and construction of our built environment.

Green Star uses a holistic system for assessing the sustainability buildings, fitouts, and community-wide developments.

Our membership with the GBCA represents our commitment to sustainability both in the built environment and beyond.

The Green Star certification is an incentive for development and infrastructure agencies to incorporate the rating system’s built-environment goals:

  • Reduce the impact of climate change
  • Enhance health and quality of life
  • Restore and protect ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Drive resilience in buildings, fitouts, and community-wide projects
  • Contribute to market transformation and a sustainable economy

To date, Green Star has issued over 2,500 certifications. The rating system has influenced the development of a broad range of projects—from office buildings, schools, retail spaces, and residential buildings.

For more information on Green Star, visit Green Building Council Australia.

National Petroleum Contractor Recognition Scheme (NPCRS)

Run by the Australian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association, the National Petroleum Contractors Recognition Scheme (NPCRS) is a certification program for contractors who regularly deliver services to fuel retail and wholesale locations.

ACAPMA is the national peak body representing the interests of the fuel wholesale, distribution and retail industry in Australia.

With our business wide NPCRS certificate, customers can be confident that SPEL has: 

  • Committed all employees who deliver services at fuel sites to complete the ACAPMA Working on Fuel Sites induction course. 
  • Undergone a credit check 
  • Provided ACAPMA with evidence of Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance 
  • Made declarations regarding the appropriate payment of staff and the implementation of safety systems 

Customers can now find SPEL Stormwater listed in APCAMA’s directory for NPCRS certified businesses. To learn more about the NPCRS certification program, visit APCAMA’s information page. 

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