AtlanChamber is our comprehensive system of chambered OSD solutions – which includes modular arches, geofabric & liner technology, and our unwavering commitment to customer service and design assistance. This includes Atlan’s provision of Hydrostor, ADS StormTech, & ecoAID arch systems Australia wide.

  • Shopping centre car parks
  • Commercial and industrial sites
  • Recreational grounds and sportsfields
  • Stormwater harvesting
  • Bioretention and infiltration

Interactive 3D Drawing

The AtlanChamber is an open bottomed, high-density polyethylene infiltration chamber for subsurface retention or detention of storm water runoff. It provides an environmentally progressive and technologically advanced storage and pollutant removal solution – yet it is more cost-effective and requires less maintenance than other types of underground stormwater management systems.

This innovative arched OSD (On-Site Stormwater Detention) system reduces nutrient and other pollutant loading by taking advantage of the natural biological and physical properties of the soil, directly comparable to the functions of a septic drain field. It also recharges groundwater drinking supplies, while concurrently helping to maintain base flow to streams, wetlands, lakes, and ponds, and to counter saltwater intrusion.

  • Large capacity to fit tight footprints
  • Robust continuous true elliptical arch design
  • Integrated handles
  • Open chamber design
  • Environmentally progressive, technologically advanced storage and pollutant removal solution
  • Efficient installation
  • The side-portal feed provides greater flexibility in engineering and hydraulic design, eliminating circuitous routing of feed pipes from inlet structures to entry point of a header pipe
  • Open infiltrative surface area
  • Replicates pre-construction hydrology
  • High density polypropylene
  • Injection molded PP chambers
  • Ribbed for structural strength
  • End caps and chambers
  • Handles for ease of handling


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