Formerly SpelVault

AtlanVault is our range of precast concrete OSD tanks, proudly manufactured at Atlan’s own production facility.

The AtlanVault utilises the latest engineering, with precast technologies, including 50MPa concrete and a variety of reinforcement to enhance structural strength. The AtlanVault delivers a truck trafficable concrete on-site stormwater detention tank solution that is optimised in design to achieve the best freight to site efficiencies.


  • Flexibility in footprint design for optimum OSD tank layouts
  • Flexible heights to suit site levels
  • Truck trafficable. Delivered to site cured to 50MPa. The OSD tanks can be installed, backfilled and trafficable immediately, maintaining sites accessibility.
  • Modules do not rely on stone backfill for stormwater storage or support, so there are smaller excavations and less spoil to dispose of compared to other systems.
  • Units are delivered to site to meet clients cranes and are generally installed immediately. This is no onsite storage of modules required so on-site space is optimised.
  • AtlanFilter cartridges can be design into this system so water quality outcomes can be achieved without additional separate tanks.

The AtlanVault can be arranged in a modular configuration to achieve small to very large onsite detention tank (OSD tank) requirements with flexibility in footprint design.

It is a robust solution for on-site stormwater detention tank requirements, typically installed under carparks in commercial premises, or common driveways in multi-unit developments.

The AtlanVault is selected for its easy access for maintenance, strong traffic rating, simple installation protocol and ability for large volumes of on-site stormwater detention to be installed in a single day and truck trafficable immediately.

The AtlanVault is used to provide a under driveway trafficable solution to house filter cartridges maximising the useable space of a development.


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