AtlanChamber EcoAID

AtlanChamber ecoAID is a modular stormwater detention, retention, and infiltration system that utilises a high-performance corrugated arch to accommodate underground installation for optimal land use. A versatile water quantity management solution, EcoAID’s strong, robust, and durable formulation in combination with its customisable horizontal profile ensure its ability to meet on-site footprint requirements.

  • Commercial developments
  • Industrial developments
  • Residential subdivisions
  • Civil infrastructure, roads and rail
  • LGA projects including schools and hospitals
  • Water harvesting assets for sports fields and local park lands
  • Underground applications to maximise useable land
  • Australian manufactured
  • Versatile design allowing for detention, retention and infiltration application
  • Modular arched system can be designed to meet custom footprints and scalable volume requirements
  • Designed and tested to meet ASTM F2787 standards for arched chambers for stormwater projects
  • Load rated in accordance with AS 5100.2 standards road, rail and civil projects
  • Lightweight for ease of installation with reduced safety protocol and lifting requirements
  • Ready to install on delivery for rapid project timelines and reduced open excavations
  • High-performance infiltration capabilities

EcoAID joins the AtlanChamber range to bolster our ability to service chambered designs for a wide range of hydraulic specifications and local development guidelines.

Locally manufactured to meet ISO/TS 16949 standards, ECOAid’s high-quality infiltration, OSD and stormwater harvesting capabilities ensure a cost-effective alternative to imported systems with shorter lead times, efficient supply chain and streamlined logistics.

With 100-year design life, ecoAID’s injection moulded, virgin polypropylene (PP) arches ensure optimum load spread – meeting trafficability standards including ASTM F2787 for civil infrastructure, roads, rail and transport applications. Scalable and modular, the system can be designed to meet a wide range of flow rates, catchment sizes and volume requirements.

Primary Treatment & Ease of Maintenance

Incorporating primary treatment, AtlanChamber ecoAid’s Isolator Rows provide gross pollutant and sediment capture to eliminate the conveyance of pollution to the main arch chamber. Reducing maintenance overheads across asset life cycle, these rows are easy to clean and maintain and assist in reducing OPEX costs – and protect downstream waterways and groundwater bodies.

EcoAID is a modular arched stormwater management system that can designed for detention, retention and infiltration applications. Underground installation allows these systems to minimise land use, while also gaining the benefits of reduced UV exposure and longer service life.

As a product available under the AtlanChamber range, ecoAID’s arch system is comprised of chambers and endcaps packaged with geotextile and liner – and is supported by our full-service approach and unwavering commitment to customer service and design assistance.

Locally manufactured, ecoAID’s is a cost-effective alternative to imported systems – resulting in lower carbon miles. Its lightweight polypropylene (PP) formulation results in logistics efficiencies, ease of install, and lower carbon footprint across fabrication and freight.

EcoAID has been assessed for 100-year design life – including testing for both short term live loads and long-term dead loads. The design life of these assets is assisted by their polypropylene formulation and high-quality local fabrication.

EcoAID is a locally manufactured polypropylene detention, retention and stormwater harvesting system. Fabricated in Australia – these arched systems are injection moulded in a cutting-edge facility. Using innovative techniques to ensure ISO 9001 accredited standards, the result is a high-quality water quantity management system with 100-year design life.

Atlan Stormwater provide a full-service range of detention, retention and harvesting assets that can be installed underground – including TankStor, AtlanChamber, AtlanVault and MegaVault. Our AtlanChamber range includes our provision of Hydrostor, ADS StormTech, & ecoAID arch systems Australia wide.

Underground tanks and chamber systems provide subsurface water quantity management to meet your site’s catchment requirements – with high volume installations often similar sizes to Olympic swimming pools.

Underground installation of these systems allows optimal land use, maximises developable land, and accommodates overhead infrastructure including roads, loading bays, car parks, parklands, sporting fields, industrial, and commercial sites. It also allows these assets to be designed to meet condensed footprint scenarios.

These fully trafficable solutions are load rated to meet W80 (AS 5100.2) standards, ensuring they are suitable for a wide range of applications and civil infrastructure projects.

Yes. AtlanChamber (including StormTech and ecoAID) incorporates Isolator Row technology which can help to reduce pollutant loads entering the main chamber – by capturing gross pollutants and sediment.

In many projects, particularly with large catchments or high levels of pollutants, secondary and primary treatment devices may be installed upstream of the AtlanChamber ecoAID to meet water quality outcomes, LGA requirements, and WSUD frameworks (Water Sensitive Urban Design).

The cornerstone of primary treatment is the use of Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) to help filter gross pollutants, sediment, and nutrients – such as the Vortceptor.

Secondary treatment involves the capture of hydrocarbons and light liquids, which is a typical development requirement on high-risk sites such as refuelling bays and service stations. Devices such as the Spillceptor provide oil and water separation and guaranteed hydrocarbon capture in these scenarios.

Our design team can advise whether AtlanChamber’s self-contained Isolator Rows will provide adequate treatment for your catchment, and any additional water quality solutions that can ensure optimal service life for your detention, retention, and infiltration assets.

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