The MegaVault delivers an industry-leading answer for medium to large stormwater detention scenarios.

The inspiration of the Atlan MegaVault is based on ancient architecture and fundamental principles of cost-effective and efficient stormwater management. These systems have been improved and optimised with the assistance of modern pre-cast concrete technology.

The MegaVault Onsite Detention System meets legislative requirements for onsite detention, and its condensed footprint guarantees the delivery of high-yield usable land area.

This system has been designed and engineered to maximize the desired outcomes of safety-in-design with respect to manufacture, installation and life-cycle maintenance applicable to larger OSD requirements (Onsite Detention).


This system allows for maximised use of available land by allowing the detention to be located underneath development sites, carparks, roads or parklands.

  • Residential, commercial and industrial developments
  • Retail sites
  • Subdivisions
  • Urban infrastructure


  • Cost efficient construction – less concrete than traditional methods
  • Faster fabrication and installation
  • Superior structural outcomes
  • Improved site efficiencies & safe work practices
  • Condensed site footprint
  • Greater depth capability
  • Superior product quality

Just like the Atlan Vault, the MegaVault works hand in hand with Atlan filtration devices to achieve the requirements of Stormwater Quality and Quantity Management Plans to satisfy site design needs for SPP (State Planning Policy), local government and council requirements.


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