Capturing Gross Pollutants & Stormwater Harvesting: Kemp’s Creek Warehouse & Logistics

As part of Western Sydney Aerotropolis CBD’s precinct development, a premium grade warehouse and logistics facility is taking shape in Kemp’s Creek.

Featuring superior, high-quality architecture and sustainable design, this new development is centrally positioned to support growth in the region – and joins a host of new facilities that will secure the area’s future as a logistics and manufacturing hub.

Sustainable development is an essential outcome for the site, with the surrounding precinct set to include 50 hectares of open public space and 70 hectares of protected conservation land, including stretches of the Cumberland Plain Woodland.

The state-of-the-art estate will use rooftop solar systems, translucent roof sheeting, LED lighting, and smart-metering to create a building aimed at achieving a 5-star Green Star rating. Atlan Stormwater joins the sustainable design plans with the provision of stormwater infrastructure – helping to develop a healthy future for the site and protect its surrounding environments.

Stormwater Harvesting: Dual Rooftop Catchments

This prestigious facility will house multiple water quality and stormwater harvesting assets to help meet their sustainability goals.

Primary treatment via dual on-site Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) will help to meet Water Sensitive Urban Design frameworks, and these assets will ensure harvested stormwater is fit for on-site reuse, such as plant watering.

Two inline Vortceptors will fulfill these requirements with high-performance pollution removal capabilities that separate and capture gross pollutants, sediments, silt, and suspended solids. The unique treatment action of the Vortceptor screens incoming stormwater with its unique low vortex conditions, improving water quality and capturing primary pollutants.

Ease of maintenance and lower service life costs are key features of the Vortceptor. Manhole access supports easy removal of accumulated waste with efficient maintenance procedures ensuring optimal operation – helping to reduce the site’s service life costs.

Two 215,000 and 95,000 litre TankStors will provide stormwater harvesting capabilities from dual catchments across the 100,000 square metre site. These assets will help to lower water use on the site – an important sustainability measure.

Project efficiencies are enhanced by the Vortceptor and TankStor’s FRP designs (fibreglass reinforced polymer), which provide easy installation and lightweight handling.

Fully assembled as single-piece units, their modular fabrication means they are ready to install on delivery. These design properties enhance project timelines compared to cast-in-situ alternatives – and reduce potential project delays to wet weather.

Manufactured in Australia, in Atlan Stormwater’s FRP manufacturing facilities in Sydney, these locally fabricated assets come with a 100-year design life. This stormwater infrastructure will help to future proof the site and ensure water quality and stormwater harvesting provisions across their service life.

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