CircaVault is our range of round precast concrete tanks which provide a cost-effective approach to OSD (On-site Stormwater Detention), stormwater harvesting, rainwater tank & filter tank configurations.

With a versatile prefabricated design, the CircaVault is designed for remote, satellite or standalone stormwater systems – and the condensed footprint of these modular tanks makes them suitable for a diverse range of applications.

Round OSD Tanks & Satellite Configurations

The CircaVault is a modular precast design that suits remote catchments and smaller sites with condensed footprints.

In satellite configurations, they are able to treat smaller subdivisions, catchments, or lot sizes – and can be used to supplement larger stormwater assets.

Suitable for use as rainwater tanks and for stormwater harvesting, the Circavault can help your project meet water usage goals and sustainability objectives.

Filter tank configurations also allow the CircaVault to contain Atlan Filter cartridge systems. This allows them to be used in water quality scenarios to provide tertiary filtration capabilities.


Providing increased on-site efficiency and quick installation times, the CircaVault is prefabricated and ready for installation on delivery.

  • Suitable for above ground or below ground installation
  • Cost-effective approach to suit volume requirements for small catchments
  • Sized to suit condensed footprint applications & satellite configurations
  • Quick installation & seamless project timelines
  • Installed, backfilled, and immediately trafficable to maintain site accessibility
  • Modular design principles & easy handling
  • Filter tank configurations available to house SPELFilter cartridges to meet water quality outcomes


  • Car Parks & Shopping Centres
  • Industrial Estates
  • Residential Developments
  • Townhouses & Small Lots
  • Commercial Areas
  • Sites with multiple catchment areas


Modular prefabricated round concrete tanks

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