Design Assistance: Creating A Sustainable Stormwater Network

Design Assistance

Australia Wide

Australia’s stormwater landscape is as diverse as our natural environments – and design outcomes are a complex challenge of meeting project requirements, stormwater guidelines, and LGA (Local Government Area) specifications.

Design assistance supports your project across its life cycle. It ensures the accommodation of your installation, commissioning and maintenance phases and delivers high-performance assets that preserve our waterways and natural environments.

On-site specs, MUSIC modelling, project drawings, and engineering guidance are all essential elements to create a stormwater network that meets the needs of modern urban development.

Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) imitates our natural water cycles. It ensures our stormwater network is sustainably implemented and meets best practice design and management. Budget constraints, on-site footprints, land yield, and sustainability are all design criteria for ensuring stormwater infrastructure meets the demands of our projects and communities.

Stormwater carries many different pollutants which can contaminate our downstream waterways, resulting in a wide range of devices for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment solutions. These include gross pollutants, suspended solids, organic matter, heavy metals, nutrients, and hydrocarbons.

Finding the correct suite of stormwater devices to protect our waterways is imperative to protecting Joy in Water for future generations.

Stormwater Solutions Australia-Wide

At Atlan, our experienced design teams provide complimentary design assistance in all states and territories to keep your project on track. With scalable, innovative, and locally manufactured stormwater infrastructure, we offer effective solutions without compromising stormwater quality and quantity objectives.

Our experience across the ANZ region enables us to provide accurate location-relevant design and planning assistance. Managing these outcomes can be a delicate balancing act – and Atlan Stormwater has been helping to meet these challenges since 1972.

We can help you define stormwater treatment options that treat the pollutants in your site’s catchments – with the provision of locally manufactured, high-performance stormwater infrastructure.

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