Product Spotlight: MegaVault On-site Stormwater Detention

The Atlan MegaVault is our modular On-site Stormwater Detention asset for medium to large-volume scenarios.

Locally manufactured at our precast concrete production facilities in Brisbane, in-house manufacturing ensures this vital OSD infrastructure meets our commitments to quality control and the supply of projects Australia-wide.

Based on ancient architectural design principles, MegaVault’s modular fabrication meets cost-efficiency, catchment size and footprint requirements for varied developments – and features superior product quality and depth capabilities. With versatile volume configurations and customisable internal height, the MegaVault is suited to a wide range of footprint constraints and vertical profiles.

Delivered ready-to-install, this modular system expedites project timelines with faster install times compared to cast-in-situ alternatives – and reduces wet weather delays, open excavations, and on-site safety issues.

Underground installation of the MegaVault delivers high-yield usable land and allows the placement of detention infrastructure under civil works, roads, car parks and other high-traffic applications. Load-rated to meet W80 specifications, these structural properties ensure ease of specification for civil, hydraulic, and consulting engineers.

The MegaVault is an adaptable OSD asset with configurations that can accommodate filter bays to meet water quality requirements. Helping remove urban pollution, these provide internal installation options for AtlanFilter cartridge systems.

AtlanFilter is our SQIDEP-verified tertiary filtration device, which provides excellent pollution removal capabilities – with 85% TSS (Total Suspended Solids), 74% TP (Total Phosphorus) and 59% TN (Total Nitrogen) removal.

MegaVault 2.0: Increased Efficiency Gains

The latest version of the MegaVault has landed! Our new four-pillar design, which has reduced the internal pillar count from six, provides the same structural strength and depth capabilities of our original system – while providing efficiency gains by reducing the amount of concrete per module.

This reduced pillar count leads to improved internal volumes and reduced carbon footprint and freight costs. The optimised layout improves the efficiency and scalability of the MegaVault, ensuring that it continues to provide an innovative, cost-effective modular solution for large-volume OSD scenarios.

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