Australias Best Beaches 24

Australia’s Best Beaches 2024

Australias Best Beaches 24

The Farm, NSW

Australias Best Beaches 24

Cockle Creek, TAS

Stormwater management protects our vibrant coastline, for good reason!

A new crowning stretch of coastline has been named Australia’s Best Beach for 2024. With over 90% of our population living in coastal areas – sustainably managing our beaches is quintessential to our way of life.

With 12,000 beaches around the mainland and surrounding islands surveyed, the picturesque sands of Victoria’s Squeaky Beach have claimed the title.

Situated in Wilsons Promontory National Park, on the southernmost tip of mainland Australia, the beach is known for its white quartz sands, which create high-pitched squeaks with every footstep. With residents including emus, wombats, and kangaroos, ‘The Prom’ offers stunning scenery and wildlife encompassing 550 square kilometres of coastal wilderness.

The annual list is a showcase of Australia’s best offerings with the top 10 including:

  1. Squeaky Beach – Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria
  2. The Farm – Shellharbour, New South Wales
  3. Cockle Creek – South East, Tasmania
  4. Madfish Bay – Great Southern, Western Australia
  5. Pulu Belan – Madar Island Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  6. Cylinder Bay – North Stradbroke Island, Queensland
  7. Lagoon Beach – Lord Howe Island, New South Wales
  8. Long Beach – Robe, South Australia
  9. Cow Bay – Far North Queensland
  10. Casuarina Beach – Darwin, Northern Territory

With all states and territories making the list, it is evident that our beaches are Joy in Water experiences that we need to protect – for you, with your children and grandchildren.

Stormwater management is a key part of this puzzle and is our first line of defence to stop the conveyance of urban pollution through our waterways. Our waterways are highways for this urban pollution to reach our beaches, seas, and oceans.

By treating our urban catchments and capturing pollution at the source, we can protect our pristine waterfront – and ensure Australia’s best beaches are managed sustainably for future generations.

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