AtlanFlow SN8 HDPE Stormwater Pipe

AtlanFlow SN8 HDPE corrugated pipe is a dual wall (corrugated outter wall and smooth inner wall) pipe engineered from high density virgin polyethylene (HDPE).

Light, strong and durable, it requires low cover and is hydraulically efficient with superior performance in gravity-flow drainage applications.


  • Road and rail
  • Subdivisions
  • Car parks / open spaces
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Rural
  • Mining

ADS Pipe Features

  • Manufactured in accordance to AS-NZS 5065
  • Available from Diameter Nominal (DN) 225mm to 600mm
  • Manufactured from recycled HDPE
  • Health and safety benefits when storing or handling on site
  • Engineered to be a flexible pipe delivering SN8 to SN16 capabilities
  • Non-corrosive
  • Not prone to cracking
  • Full sustainability 100% recyclable
  • Between 80% and 95% lighter than concrete
  • Less demand on plant and equipment during construction
  • Easier installation through Rubber Ring jointing system
  • 6M lengths rather than 2.4M lengths
  • Productivity improvements
  • Total project cost reduction
  • Less joints = less risk for leaks
  • Reduced transport costs through better truck utilisation

AtlanFlow SN8 HDPE Stormwater Pipe

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