AtlanChamber StormTech: Stormwater Infiltration at Two Rocks

Yanchep Two Rocks Local Area Plan, regarded as the largest single urban development project in Perth, sets milestone growth targets for the City of Wanneroo – with a projected population of 155,000 and the accommodation of 55,000 new jobs.

Historically, Two Rocks is a prime destination for holidaymakers, a quick one-hour drive from the state capital and once home to the now-closed Atlantis theme park. The renowned statue of Neptune, which once overlooked the theme park’s Kingdom of Atlantis, now oversees this extensive seaside development.

The Yanchep Two Rocks Local Area Plan has seen stakeholders, residents, and developers create a collaborative vision for the region’s future.

Essential features of strategic development in this seaside community are sustainability, growth, and the rejuvenation of the local economy. The District Structure Plan (DSP) offers a dynamic, modern framework for development – outlining an urban village with centres for education, industry, technology, and enterprise.

Stormwater management is critical to these goals, not only due to the area’s proximity to the Indian Ocean but also for developing a liveable community space primed to facilitate high growth.

AtlanChamber: Utilising StormTech Chamber Arches

Atlan Stormwater joined development phase 3A on this prestigious site, which saw the installation of a 365,000-litre AtlanChamber soakaway system to manage stormwater flows across the large urban catchment. Stormwater quantity management is crucial to protect nearby seaside property and a requirement of the Two Rocks Yanchep development plan.

AtlanChamber is a comprehensive arch chamber stormwater infiltration solution – which includes modular arches, geotextile and liner technology, and our unwavering commitment to customer service and design assistance. A versatile system, AtlanChamber can be customised for infiltration, detention, and retention scenarios depending on the choice of geotextiles.

On-site specs for the AtlanChamber included high-performance StormTech arch chambers with a 100-year design life, which will help to future-proof the site from localised flooding and high-volume stormwater flows.

This high-volume StormTech chamber infiltration solution meets the site’s unique footprint constraints with an impressive 2-metre-high profile – providing increased storage capabilities with a smaller horizontal footprint.

In Western Australia, StormTech’s arch system has been a mainstay of stormwater management, with its AS5100 loading capabilities, high infiltration, and ease of specification. A trusted product with a long history in the area, these arch systems are a high-performance infiltration option available through the AtlanChamber range.

Adjacent to a high-traffic roundabout, nearby parklands, and installed underneath a road reserve, the soakaway system will be an essential element of water quantity management on the site.

Its underground installation will maximise land yield and support development opportunities by accommodating traffic and overhead civil works.

A modular solution, the lightweight arches of the system ensure ease of freight, logistics, and on-site handling. This results in project efficiency and faster installation timelines – with the installation of this generational chamber asset completed within two days.

Challenges on the site included cohesionless sandy soils, deep installation, and constrained access. The combination of AtlanChamber with the premium StormTech arch system offered significant benefits to the contractor with its ease of installation.

The high infiltration surface area and improved soakage capability of the chamber will help minimise the required storage volume. With an easily maintained integrated gross pollutant trap, the StormTech infiltration system is a cost-efficient and highly effective way to minimise the impact of development on the local water cycle.

A long-term benefit of these systems is the isolator rows, which capture debris, gross pollutants, and urban pollution, preventing them from entering the main chamber. Lowering CAPEX and OPEX, these features will reduce service life costs for this vital infiltration asset and support optimal performance.

With the Yanchep Two Rocks area a hotspot for local growth, Atlan Stormwater looks forward to its continued contributions to this long-term plan and vision.

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