Product Spotlight: AtlanChamber


The AtlanChamber range includes Atlan’s provision of Hydrostor, ADS StormTech, & ecoAID arch systems Australia wide. Providing retention, detention and infiltration capabilities, our design team can help you find an arch chamber system that meets your site requirements.


EcoAid is our locally manufactured arch chamber system – meeting ISO/TS 1649 standards, the system’s high-quality infiltration, OSD and stormwater harvesting capabilities ensure cost effective outcomes with efficient supply chain and logistics. Scalable and modular, this versatile asset can be designed to meet a wide range of flow rates, catchment sizes and volume requirements.

ADS StormTech

A high-performance chamber design that meets stringent industry standards, ADS StormTech is a structurally robust detention and infiltration solution that is known for its loading capabilities, high infiltration, and ease of specification. Trusted across the stormwater sector, StormTech is a nationally recognised chamber system that is ideally suited for trafficable applications.

AtlanChamber is our range of On-site Stormwater Detention (OSD) arch chamber solutions – featuring modular arches, geofabric & liner technology, and our unwavering commitment to customer service and design assistance.

The design of these systems provides advanced water quantity management capabilities for subsurface retention and detention of stormwater runoff. This innovative arch chamber reduces nutrient and other pollutant loading by taking advantage of the soil’s natural biological and physical properties.

Maximising land usage, its open chamber design can be configured to meet condensed site footprints, ensuring suitability for a wide range of applications – including shopping centres, car parks, transport yards, and varied residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

A trafficable solution, AtlanChamber’s superior load ratings, and compliance with AS5100 and W80 wheel load specifications, ensure that it meets structural guidelines – and allow it to be placed beneath civil works.

AtlanChamber’s infiltration chambers are lightweight and easy to install, and their modular design supports expedited project timelines – requiring less lifting equipment and reducing on-site safety risks.

The design of these systems also provides in-built pollutant removal capabilities – with its use of Isolator Row technology allowing easy cleaning and maintenance procedures. By capturing pollutants in these rows, they are prevented from entering the main chamber and help to enhance asset service life and lower operating costs.

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