Velocity Business Park: 2,000,000 Litre OSD Tank & Treatment Train

Velocity Park is a prestigious new business precinct in Somerville, Victoria, with zoning that accommodates commercial premises, factory, and industrial facilities.

Within minutes of nearby shopping precincts and located directly next to a large-scale nursery facility – the estate is part of the rapidly growing Mornington Peninsula region in Melbourne’s south-east.

Supporting Somerville’s growth, sustainable development practices are necessary due to its proximity to Western Port Bay – and its associated coastal reserve and conservation areas. Planning requirements in the area include demonstrated best practice in energy performance, integrated water management, indoor environment quality, transport, waste management and urban ecology.

Atlan Stormwater supported the Velocity Park development by designing, modelling and installing the on-site stormwater assets. These help to meet water management best practice and provide environmental outcomes for this development.

A Sustainable Combination: Stormwater Quality & Quantity Management

A mix of stormwater infrastructure was specified to meet diverse on-site water quality and quantity objectives. The resulting configuration of Flowceptor, FlowFilter, and AtlanChamber assets will work in unison to achieve the site’s stormwater management plan.

Water quantity management across the site’s catchment area, which include hardstand and car parks, resulted in requirements for 2,000,000 litres of on-site stormwater detention (OSD). A 385 module AtlanChamber installation meets this detention volume.

Project efficiency was enhanced by a seamless one-day installation of the AtlanChamber, thanks to its modular design, easy handling, and lightweight arches. These open bottomed, HDPE infiltration chambers help to slow stormwater flows off the site’s impervious areas – reducing flooding and improving drainage capabilities.

Key benefits of this system include efficient project timelines, reduced open excavations, and minimised on-site lifting costs during installation compared to alternative detention systems. Fully trafficable, the AtlanChamber is a subsurface solution, suitable for areas such as carparks and vehicle loading areas – which helps to conserve land yield and retains these areas for aboveground development.

Removing pollution from stormwater flows before entering the detention system, the FlowFilter and Flowceptor provide water quality outcomes and help to reduce the conveyance of pollutants to the downstream OSD (on-site stormwater detention). Fabricated from FRP in our local manufacturing facilities, these devices come with a design life of 100-years – and are also trafficable.

The Flowceptor provides guaranteed hydrocarbon capture, with oil and water separation capabilities providing suitability for low to medium risk sites – such as car parks. The advanced design of these systems promotes the separation of total suspended solids (TSS), light liquids and sediment.

Working in conjunction with this device, the FlowFilter is a tertiary filtration device that further reduces pollutant loads by removing heavy metals, nutrients (Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen), and remaining sediment. The FlowFilter’s internal filters ‘polish’ outgoing stormwater flows and help to protect nearby waterways from these contaminants.

This combination of OSD (on-site stormwater detention) with secondary and tertiary treatment assets minimise pollutant loads and maintenance costs across asset service life. These devices form a multi-pronged approach to stormwater management, and a comprehensive design philosophy that ensures sustainability and environmental requirements are met on this key commercial and industrial real estate.

Atlan Chamber On-Site Stormwater Detention Tank (OSD Tank)
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