Joy in community

Atlan Stormwater believes in giving back, lending a helping hand and supporting worthy causes.

Community Involvement

Trent Doyle & Myles Tredinnick and their Youngcare Simpson Desert Challenge

Youngcare’s Simpson Desert Challenge is a charity event that throws trekkers into a challenging 225-kilometre cross desert journey for nine days. Atlan Stormwater was pleased ...

Stormwater Shepherds Petrie Creek Clean-Up Day

SPEL SPONSORED EVENT SPEL was proud to sponsor Stormwater Shepherds’ Petrie Creek Clean-Up Day on September 10th, in Nambour, Queensland. Following the success of 2021’s ...

SPEL donates $50,000 towards Stormwater Shepherd’s Stormwater Feasibility Study Grant

SPEL is proud to donate $50,000 towards Stormwater Shepherd’s Stormwater Feasibility Study Grant, with expressions of interest open to metropolitan councils and riverkeeper alliances in ...

Celebrate World Wetlands Day 2022

What is World Wetlands Day? World Wetlands Day is celebrated each year on 2 February to raise awareness about wetlands. This day also marks the ...

Stormwater Shepherds Clean-ups

Addressing the plastic and urban pollution already in our lakes, rivers and streams is part of the Stormwater Shepherd’s commitment to a clean water future. ...

Plastic Pollution in our Waterways – Why Australia should care

Click here to download the Plastic Pollution in our Waterways infographic flowchart in PDF format.

Community cleanup with Stormwater Shepherds Volunteers at Petrie Creek, QLD

Last week, our own SPEL Marketing Manager Stef Dwyer led an incredibly productive community cleanup with Stormwater Shepherds volunteers at Petrie Creek, QLD. And it ...

Introducing our
support for not for profit
clean water initiative

Atlan proudly supports Stormwater Shepherds who are a not-for-profit committed to restoring our waterways’ health.

Their mission is to guide and inform global communities on how to stop plastic and urban pollution at the source – the home, the business and the stormwater drain so all lifeforms can enjoy clean water for future generations.

Stormwater Shepherds believe that educating our communities about stormwater will bring positive action via our government agencies to work efficiently with stormwater for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.

Supporting bushfires, homelessness, health, disability and youth

Atlan proudly supports the Rapid Relief Team the who are a Not For profit organisation.

RRT delivers hope and relief to people across the globe. Whether it be fire, flood or humanitarian need, RRT expands their support services to meet the need at hand.

From assisting charities, both big and small, raising funds and awareness, to serving emergency services on the front line, RRT steps in to lend a helping hand. Their support spans across four key areas of support; emergency and disaster relief, homelessness, youth, and health and disability.

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