Trent Doyle & Myles Tredinnick and their Youngcare Simpson Desert Challenge

Youngcare’s Simpson Desert Challenge is a charity event that throws trekkers into a challenging 225-kilometre cross desert journey for nine days.

Atlan Stormwater was pleased to fund local Brisbane trekker, De Luca’s Myles Tredinnick, who joined us for an interview with teammate Brent Doyle.

Battling harsh weather conditions, participants raise funds for Youngcare’s commitment to supporting the lives of young people with high physical support needs, and their loved ones.

It is called the Ultimate Challenge – how many kilometres did you cover per day?

Myles: So, we did 232 kilometres in total and most days we walked about 30km – with two smaller days around 25km.

Were there any particularly challenging days?

Brent: The variance in temperature (was extreme), we woke up one morning to ice on the tents, the chopper and the cars. Then one day it was about 35 degrees – so we’d try to get our walking done early in the morning and step off at 5 or 6AM. We also walked through a windstorm – and it was horrendous trying to walk through the headwinds.

Myles: The winds picked up at 2AM and tents were getting blown away, and it was pretty intense.

What did you learn from the experience?

Myles: I think for me a big one is that there is no need to stress the little things. If you can’t change something, there’s no need to stress about it. Minor things that previously would’ve stressed me – now it is what it is… it’s fine and it’s going to play out alright.

Brent: I think anything you set your mind to you can achieve – we obviously trained a fair bit, but surprisingly the whole walk I didn’t think that it was impossible, or that we needed to stop. If you are dedicated, the human body is pretty amazing.

What is the community support mean for you given the donations received?

Myles: I think it was unreal. To have the younger crown get behind and back me – and come to the event and play their part with their donations – it was really good. To raise awareness for Youngcare as well, it meant a lot to me, and people have already asked how they can join the Desert Challenge.

Is Youngcare a charity you have previously aligned with?

Brent: As a business De Luca supports Youngcare, and Nick De Luca has done the trek twice and sits on the board. It is engrained in our values with what Youngcare do.

Myles: Both Brent and I have had previous influence with Youngcare, and have done the Budgie Bowl, Pay It Forward Day and Ribs & Rumps Lunch. We have always been involved, but never done something to this scale – it was quite rewarding.

Would you do it again?

Brent: I’d do it tomorrow.

Myles: I’d like to do it again but maybe not in the near future – maybe when I reach another milestone in my life like when I reach 30. Youngcare also does the Three Peaks walk through the snow down south, and I’d do that tomorrow… I’d love to do it (walk) again, but maybe just not the Desert atmosphere.

Any last messages to your supporters?

Myles: Thanks to everyone who has helped me, including Atlan Stormwater (formerly SPEL Stormwater) of course. It wouldn’t be possible for us to do this walk without the support crew that backed us out there. They play a major part, don’t really get anything for what they do, and no one really knows about their work. There were about 10 support crew with their vehicles…. it wouldn’t be possible without them.

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