SPEL donates $50,000 towards Stormwater Shepherd’s Stormwater Feasibility Study Grant

SPEL is proud to donate $50,000 towards Stormwater Shepherd’s Stormwater Feasibility Study Grant, with expressions of interest open to metropolitan councils and riverkeeper alliances in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney until the 25th of March 2022.


The $50,000 Funding Stormwater Feasibility Study Grant is a great opportunity for councils to improve their LGA’s management of stormwater assets.

This grant initiative will help the successful applicant to identify key local stormwater issues, ongoing costs for maintenance and administration, and relevant funding models for stormwater asset management. The grant will provide consultation and expert advice to help local government areas manage their stormwater correctly – with leading administrative techniques and sustainable, fair and accountable funding models.

As the primary conveyor of pollution into local waterways, stormwater pollution often starts in urban catchments. Downstream problems can stem from gross pollutants, road runoff from vehicle emissions and tyre rubber and other pollution generating activities. Stormwater may also contain chemical contaminants and other waste – including organic matter, sediment and soil.

Running into our waterways, these pollutants impact our local environment and ecology – resulting in bioaccumulative impacts to human health, harm to aquatic life and needless damage to our oceans and rivers.

The Stormwater Feasibility Study Grant provides consultation with American experts to be conducted over a project timeline of two to four months. With submissions open throughout April, until mid-May, the winner will be announced on the 20th of May.

Stormwater Feasibility Study

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