Stormwater Shepherds Petrie Creek Clean-Up Day


SPEL was proud to sponsor Stormwater Shepherds’ Petrie Creek Clean-Up Day on September 10th, in Nambour, Queensland. Following the success of 2021’s Clean-Ups in the area, we appreciate the ongoing support of the local community and the work of all the volunteers in helping create cleaner water outcomes for the tributary.

With over 25 attendees, the day was a success that saw close to 1,500 pieces of litter removed from the Sunshine Coast waterway. SPEL Stormwater’s maintenance team were on the ground supporting the event, and we welcomed the participation of Sunshine Coast Council and Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group.


Petrie Creek winds through Nambour, before reaching the Maroochy River and the pristine waters of the Sunshine Coast. The pollution removed across the three-hour event presents dangers to wildlife – particularly local Platypus populations.

Local initiatives play an important role in protecting our vulnerable waterways, estuaries and oceans. Direct action is essential to stopping urban pollution from being transported further downstream, and we applaud all the participants who came and helped the clean-up efforts.


Pollution Removal
& Local Waterways

Failure to capture plastic pollution has catastrophic consequences – and the state of our local rivers and creeks outlines the growing demand for stormwater treatment and pollution removal infrastructure.

SPEL & Stormwater Shepherds hope to revisit Petrie Creek in 2023 and continue our work restoring the local riverine environment and raising awareness of stormwater pollution. These continued efforts, and those of local volunteer groups, and community organisations, help to ensure that Petrie Creek thrives.

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