Complete Stormwater Management Solution for Shell Altona North – From Design through to Maintenance


  • Products: SPEL Puraceptor, SPEL Stormsack, and SPEL Hydrosystem
  • Council: Hobsons Bay Council


The Problem

The Victorian State Planning guidelines have changed and now service stations require the full gauntlet of stormwater treatment to achieve the reductions pf TSS 80%, TP 45% and TN 45% in addition to the EPA requirements for Hydrocarbon treatment and spill control. Being a Petroleum site, Bioretention isn’t the best option as hydrocarbons can cause damage to the plants. Obviously real-estate and footprint are expensive as the site is in prime landholding.


AKS Industries (SPEL Vic & Tas) worked with the design team to design a complete solution consisting of:

  • SPEL Puraceptor P.040.8.C1.2C to treat the forcort and provide full compartment spill containment
  • SPEL Stormsack for primary treatment of external hardstand
  • SPEL Hydrosystem for the tertiary treatment of the whole site to industry and state requirements

By using the SPEL solution, the contractor, developer, tenant and council are fully compliant, have low operating cost and a guarantee that the system and site are fully compliant for years to come.

SPEL is now also operating and maintaining this system



SPEL Puraceptor
SPEL Puraceptor is a full retention separator that treats all flows. It is to be sized to contain more than the anticipated maximum oil spillage — enabling it to be fully operational in treating stormwater runoff at all times. Know More
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