Cowie Rd: Large Scale Detention & Stormwater Treatment Satellite Configurations

Situated in Carseldine, the Park Lane development is an exclusive release of 67 elevated homesites overlooking Brisbane’s Northern Suburbs – a short twenty-minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD.

This pristine residential development required the design and implementation of stormwater infrastructure to meet water quality and quantity requirements – including over 450,000 litres of on-site stormwater detention.

These stormwater assets will help clean and slow run-off across the development’s large catchment areas – helping to mitigate local flooding and remove pollutants.


Satellite Configurations: Treating Stormwater Remotely

Stormwater treatment for the site incorporates concrete on-site stormwater detention tanks with internal filter cartridge units for tertiary treatment. These modular systems will protect the local environment and reduce flooding during high rainfall events.

The SPELVault is a scalable solution to stormwater detention. The main system incorporates a large 31 SPELVault tank configuration containing twenty SPELFilters. This will treat runoff from the main catchment and ensure that OSD (On-site Stormwater Detention) and pollution removal specifications are met.

An innovative approach was taken to cover the site’s external catchments with two satellite stormwater systems installed remote from the main system. These will help capture stormwater across areas that may have potentially gone untreated – a great benefit on the sprawling residential site.

Comprised of round detention tanks configured with 7 filter units each, these satellite configurations will help to ensure that the entire site meets key sustainability and pollution removal outcomes.

The modular design of the SPELVault ensured a fast install, with easy handling and reduced on-site overheads. This allowed the project to go ahead in the wet season, and for the installation to be completed around rainfall events that would’ve slowed traditional block and slab solutions.

SPEL was there for every step of the design and implementation, from the early design phase to manufacturing and installation support.

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