Formerly SPEL Stormceptor

Flowceptor Class 1 is a horizontally configured two-chamber Stormwater Quality Improvement Device (SQID), equipped with a gravity enhancing coalescer unit. For those with medium to low-risk applications, the Flowceptor Class 2 model (with no coalescer) is also available.

The advanced design facilitates a retention period that provides quiescent conditions within the secondary chamber, efficiently promoting the separation of total suspended solids (TSS), light liquids and pollutants. Atlan treatment devices can accommodate a complete range of flow rates with corresponding pipe size and types.


  • Car Parks
  • Shopping Centres
  • Council Depots
  • Industrial Estates
  • Heavy Vehicle Maintenance
  • Airport Aprons & Tarmacs
  • Loading Bays & Transport Depots
  • Tunnels
  • Highway & Transport Corridors
  • Recycling Yards

Interactive 3D Drawing


  • Guaranteed hydrocarbon spill capture in all flow and spill conditions
  • Fits pipe sizes from 160mm to 1500mm, including box culvert designs (larger sizes are available on request)
  • Unique SPEL Stormceptor Class 1 flow action
  • Hydrocarbon, gross pollutants and sediment removal in one treatment system
  • Easy and safe maintenance, with no entering of the tank required
  • Meets Australian conditions and complies with the objectives set by the regulating authorities
  • Suited as a secondary treatment, removing sediment, suspended solids, hydrocarbons and nutrients


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