The how-to of OSD Engineering for Detention Scenarios and Stormwater Storage

On-site Stormwater Detention (OSD) is a vital element for flood mitigation, future-proofing, and water quantity management in modern urban development.

Presented by Kurt Jensen, Peter Hancock & Michael Spiller, this webinar will explore stormwater detention infrastructure. Modular and scalable, modern detention systems can be designed to meet various on-site footprint and configuration requirements.

With impervious surfaces increasing in our cities, it is important that detention infrastructure is developed that helps to retain infiltration capability and ensures capacity for the management of peak stormwater flows.

We will examine key case studies, designs and engineering for different approaches to detention infrastructure, and briefly touch on retention & stormwater harvesting. Design approaches include locally manufactured precast concrete solutions (SPELVault and Megavault) and HDPE arched chamber infrastructure (SPELChamber).

The webinar will also look at maintenance criteria to ensure service life and long-term water quantity provisions are met.


Kurt Jensen

Senior Technical Consultant
Kurt Jensen is a passionate, results-driven engineering professional with more than 12 years’ experience in stormwater treatment and management. Kurt’s expertise in water quality treatment and his ability to bring in other individuals from within his organisation with different expertise greatly increased a client’s ability to develop a detailed concept plan for their project.

Peter Hancock

Design Consultant
Development Manager, Peter Hancock, has over 12 years’ experience in Water Infrastructure. His main area of expertise is in OSD and stormwater retention systems. As Spel has a broad range of tank solutions (concrete, fiberglass, and arched HDPE chambers) he is well positioned to provide advice on the most suitable solution to suit site requirements.

Michael Spiller

Research and Development Megavault Project Manager
Michael Spiller is a civil engineer and SPEL’s Research & Development Project Manager for SPEL Megavault. With over 15 years of experience in the civil engineering sector, Michael's background includes the provision of water solutions for a variety of civil applications and design scenarios. The SPEL Megavault joins our range of locally manufactured solutions, and Michael has been instrumental in the deployment of our Redbank concrete production facility.
Enrolled: 37 students
Duration: 1 Hour
Lectures: 1
Video: 1 hour
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