The Benefits of Incorporating Floating Wetlands in the Design of Urban Development Dalton Lake Report

About the Webinar

Floating Wetlands are engineered systems comprised of suspended matrices planted with wetland flora. To improve water quality, they can be designed or introduced into an existing waterbody, detention pond, or stormwater storage system. Associate Professor Helen Stratton of Griffith University will discuss the case study of the Floating Wetlands project at Dalton Lake, QLD. She will present an overview of the molecular methods used for analysing the microbiome of the floating wetlands and the value of microbial studies in the management of these systems.

Leon Attwood from SPEL Stormwater provides case studies of the successful implementation of Floating Wetlands around Australia and New Zealand. He also goes over the concept of floating wetland design and how these systems can be effectively utilised to positively impact the health of our waterways whilst providing a feasible and straightforward design solution for our ever-growing urban development projects.

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Associate Professor Helen Stratton

Griffith University
Associate Professor Helen Stratton is currently a Research Microbiologist in the Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre (QMNC) and academic in the School of Environment and Science, Griffith University. Helen has over 27 years’ water and wastewater research experience, developing a comprehensive understanding of the technical, social and economic issues that the industry faces. Her recent research focus has been on developing more specific, rapid and cost-effective microbial diagnostics with collaborators at QMNC, particularly using microfluidics and nanotechnology. She has worked extensively as a water industry consultant and has developed strong partnerships throughout Australia and internationally.

Leon Attwood

BDM, SPEL Stormwater
Leon Attwood has been associated with SPEL Stormwater since the culmination of 2013. His mission is to assist SPEL in improving stormwater & wastewater quality and compliance standards throughout Australia and beyond. Leon is currently the QLD Team Leader and has had over eight years of experience in the Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) industry with extensive experience and technical knowledge on the functionalities of proprietary and green stormwater assets. Throughout this time, he has been involved in the design and installation of several Floating Wetland projects throughout Australia & New Zealand.
Enrolled: 16 students
Duration: 1 Hour
Lectures: 1
Video: 1 hour
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