New & Innovative Funding Models for the Correct Management of Stormwater Assets

About the Webinar

Due to insufficient operational funding, stormwater assets are often left off asset management databases and maintenance schedules. Following Mary Rayner’s November webinar, the effects on aquatic and human beings from untreated stormwater, our latest webinar with guest speaker Dr Victoria Kramkowski will discuss in detail the successful implementation of a stormwater charge program to residential and non-residential properties in Mississauga, Canada.

Mary Rayner will address the many funding issues facing councils and present successful stormwater funding models from Germany, Canada and the USA. An in-depth case study will demonstrate how various Canadian municipalities have adopted and embraced a user-pays funding model to manage their stormwater correctly, with excellent results, including substantial job growth in the industry. With well-managed systems, stormwater will create beautiful habitats for wildlife, improve aquatic recreational uses, provide economic benefits and water for other services. This helps to save our riparian environments, harbours and oceans and mitigates flooding.

Guest-speaker, Dr Victoria Kramkowski, will present the adoption and implementation of stormwater charge and incentive programs across Mississauga. Currently working for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), she has been a key advocate for user-pay funding models across Canada and their successful adoption in many municipalities – including the award-winning City of Mississauga stormwater charge program.

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Mary Rayner

Mary is committed to restoring health to riparian waterways by addressing long-term sustainable approaches to treating stormwater correctly. A critical pressure facing most councils across the nation is the capability to administer the ever-increasing number and cost of stormwater assets and the management they require. Without appropriate pollution filtration and detention drainage systems to mitigate flooding, stormwater networks are the most efficient conveyor of water and pollution to our inland waterways and oceans, causing needless environmental issues, harm to aquatic life and impacts on human health. 

Dr Victoria Kramkowski

Joining us as guest-speaker, Dr Victoria Kramkowski brings her passion for stormwater management and her experience administrating stormwater charges for the city of Mississauga (Canada). Working in and around Toronto, Victoria has led workshops and helped conceptualize the development and implementation of stormwater user fees and incentive programs across Canada. With a career spanning government, private and academic life, Dr Kramkowski’s work centres on environmental policy, national resource management, low impact development and scenario planning.
Enrolled: 13 students
Duration: 1 Hour
Lectures: 1
Video: 1 hour
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