Integrating Stormwater Into New Ways Of Managing Our Urban Environments

About the Webinar

In this webinar, we’ll talk about the need to increase stormwater treatment in our urban areas—bringing back some control into flooding events, and boosting stormwater capture and recycling. We’ll also explore ideas on how we can use the urban environment itself to effectively manage stormwater and the issues that need to be considered in dealing with the aforementioned challenges.

CPD credit hours = 1


Simon Toze

Principal Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO
Simon Toze is a Principal Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO, guiding research projects investigating the development of resilient urban systems to benefit Australian and international communities. His knowledge expertise lies in the treatment and reuse of water in urban environments. In particular, he is recognised for his research on Indirect Potable Reuse and Managed Aquifer Recharge, as well as studies on the presence and attenuation of microbial and chemical contaminants in reservoirs, urban stormwater and roof harvested rainwater. Dr. Toze has been involved in the development the CSIRO Urban Living Lab initiative which aims to assist industry and Governments to test future technologies, social and environmental health initiatives, and environmental options to aid the faster transformation of our cities to prepare for 2050 and beyond. He currently manages the Sydney Science Park Urban Living Lab located at Penrith in Western Sydney in partnership with the developer Celestino.
Enrolled: 7 students
Duration: 1 Hour
Lectures: 1
Video: 1 hour
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