Engineering with SPELFlow ADS Pipe – Why Designers use HDPE Pipe for Infrastructure Projects 

About the Webinar

Thomas Wibberley, Business Development Manager for SPEL Western Australia, discusses why we should use SPELFlow ADS Pipe for water conveyance. Stormwater pipe is an integral part of every infrastructure project, but it is not as simple as just placing a pipe in the ground. The high-performance nature of HDPE pipe makes it an optimal choice for stormwater conveyance in many key projects. SPELFlow ADS Pipe is resilient and has the ability to successfully adapt and recover from adverse events like everyday stressors or severe weather. SPELFlow ADS Pipe provides on-site benefits with durable and lightweight properties, which results in less installation time, freight cost and use of heavy machinery. HDPE compositions also convey many other qualities – such as lower carbon footprint, abrasion resistance, 100-year design life and anti-corrosion properties.

An overview of the standards used in design such as ASTM & AASHTO and equivalent Australian Standards will also be provided. Thomas will present key design parameters of on-site pipe installations, assess supported depth profiles and the correct ways to specify backfill requirements. HDPE pipe’s versatility provides high-performance water conveyance across many sites and applications, including mining, road infrastructure, marine drainage, civil stormwater and agriculture. Sustainable, durable, and providing robust tolerance to local conditions, HDPE pipe is an important stormwater solution and can help ensure your project meets hydraulic specifications.

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Thomas Wibberley

Business Development Manager at SPEL
Thomas Wibberley started his career at SPEL Stormwater in mid-2020 and has been operating SPEL’s Western Australian branch since. His passion for stormwater started with the merger of SPEL Stormwater and CubicM3, and he has been determined to help the industry understand plastic pipe. Thomas is in his element covering the technical aspects of modern pipe engineering, and how these integral conveyors of stormwater can be used in many infrastructure projects, including applications that traditionally use concrete due to structural concerns.
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Duration: 1 Hour
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Video: 1 hour
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