AtlanFlow SN8 HDPE Stormwater Pipe Jointing Instructions

WARNING: Pipe strapping and dunnage under tension. Care should be taken when unpacking.

Jointing Instructions

Step 1:
Prepare both the pipe spigot and socket for installation by making sure both are free from any dirt. Foreign material may compromise joint performance which could result in leaks.
Step 2:
Installing the rubber ring AtlanFlow SN8 have two types of rubber rings, please take not of the following: DN225—These rubber ring s are universal, meaning it can be installed in either direction to achieve a seal. DN300, 375, 450, 525 and 600—These rings must be installed in the correct orientation (see images below), failure to install the rings in the correct direction will result in leaks and pipe movement. Stretch the rubber ring over the spigot and install the ring in the first corrugation. DO NOT PLACE ANY LUBRICANT IN THE CORRUGATION OR RUBBER RING.
Step 3:
Check the fitment of the rubber ring by running your fingers around the full circumference of the pipe. Adjust the ring is needed.
Step 4:
Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the receiving socket. Before proceeding ensure that no dirt or contaminants have found their way into the socket or into the spigot. To avoid contaminating the socket or spigot of the clean pipe, use a tarp or rubber mat to provide a clean working area during the installation. This can be removed once the pipes have been successfully joined.
Step 5:
Insert the spigot into the receiving socket and check the alignment of the pipes. Pipes should be in a straight line prior to attempting the joint.
Step 6:
DO NOT apply direct pressure on the socket when pushing the pipes together. Applying pressure to the socket may cause damage and compromise the joint. A small off-cut section of pipe can be inserted into the socket and used to push the pipe home.
Step 7:
Apply an even amount of force directly to socket (with your off-cut inserted). For smaller diameter pipes a crowbar or prybar may be used to assist pushing the pipe home. For larger diameter pipes a come-along, winch or machinery may be required to push the pipes together.
Step 8:
Push the pipe home, a seal is achieved when the spigot contacts the inner will of the socket. Utilise the witness marks to get a gauge on the insertion depth, chart also below should the pipes be cut to size on site.
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