SPELBasin Toughs Out Intense Rainfall in Port Macquarie

This past March, we saw much of East Australia pummelled by heavy rainfall as La Niña season continued to dominate the region’s climate. Floods—more severe than anticipated—repeatedly swept through communities along the coast.

In particular, Port Macquarie was struck by a one-in-100 year flood as swollen rivers and burst their banks. Following the event, our NSW team performed maintenance checks on affected stormwater treatment devices we’ve installed.

One notable installation was this SPELBasin unit, which coped incredibly well under such tough conditions. Despite continuous and intense rainfall, the SPELBasin’s performance and stormwater treatment capacity remained uncompromised. The device only needed a cleanout during our team’s maintenance check.


About SPELBasin

SPELBasin is a highly advanced biofiltration and retention system. A self-contained treatment train, this stormwater treatment device incorporates the following functions:

  • Screening
  • Hydrodynamic Separation
  • Media Filtration
  • Bioretention Filter

As a modular product with a compact size, SPELBasin is ideal for applications that require high pollutant reduction in a small footprint. The performance of this stormwater treatment device has been assessed and approved under the Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Process (SQIDEP).

To learn more about SPELBasin, click here to visit our product page.

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