In the Spotlight: SPEL Maintenance

SPEL is known for manufacturing a wide range of proprietary devices to control stormwater pollution, but our commitment to improving water quality doesn’t stop when the product leaves the warehouse.

It’s our responsibility to ensure our devices perform at the optimum level well after they’ve been put in the ground. Maintenance is instrumental to achieving SPEL’s vision of a clean water future. It’s also at the core of our reputation for delivering top of the line customer service.

Why SPEL Maintenance Makes Sense For Customers

Our comprehensive maintenance package keeps your stormwater system in top condition to runoff. Choosing this service gives customers the following assurances:

  1. Modular wear and tear due to frequent flooding and increased runoff pollution are detected and remedied. We ensure that your entire stormwater system continues to perform at the optimum level even after heavy storm events.
  2. The stormwater treatment device’s lifespan is maximised as much as possible. Although some devices need to be replaced before end of life due to unforeseen loads on the system, regular maintenance and upkeep reduces the likelihood of premature replacements.
  3. The stormwater treatment system will consistently meet the local government’s performance standards, eliminating the risk of heavy fines from non-compliance.

Maintaining stormwater treatment devices is specialised work performed by qualified technicians. Our technicians are certified to work in confined spaces and handle contaminated sediments and pollutants. Our customers save time and resources by choosing our services, instead of trying to perform maintenance themselves.

Our team also works with contractors, body corporates, and service stations in specifying the correct stormwater device and maintenance standards in their development applications. To work with us or learn more about SPEL Maintenance, get in touch with our team here.

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