SPEL Puraceptor: Big Stormwater Tank for VIC Big Battery

Victoria is leading the charge in securing a clean energy future with its investments in renewables and new infrastructure. One of the state’s big-ticket projects is the Victorian Big Battery, a new 300 MW energy storage facility in Geelong.

With enough capacity to power over 1 million homes for half an hour, the facility will help ensure the reliability of Victoria’s power grid amid rising peak demand. SPEL was honoured to play a small yet vital role in this critical infrastructure project.

SPEL Puraceptor Installation

SPEL Puraceptor—a full retention separator—was installed at the Big Battery site’s transformer yard. Transformers contain oil that’s used for insulation and cooling. In case of equipment failure, the Puraceptor can contain up to 60,000 litres of oil spill from the Big Battery’s transformers, protecting the surrounding area from potential contamination.

This stormwater treatment device has two chambers and is fitted with an automatic closure mechanism, making it suitable for capturing hydrocarbon spills. The Puraceptor is great full retention solution for high-risk applications that require environmental safety compliance and safeguards against hydrocarbon pollution.

Visit our product page to learn more about the Puraceptor’s range of applications.

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