Baffle Box: Retrofits & Public Education

Baffle Boxes are popular GPTs that are highly effective at removing sediment, suspended particles, and associated pollutants from stormwater. These devices are perfect for retrofits and compatible with many drainage systems.

Using a series of chambers separated by baffles, their design allows pollutants to settle and separate from stormwater. Often accompanied by trash screens or skimmers, their pollution removal capabilities can be extended to include larger pieces of rubbish, floating debris, and vegetation.These devices are often retrofitted into existing stormwater pipes or treatment designs, which help future-proof drainage systems in our urban environments.

One of the drawcards to the installation of a Baffle Box is their high visibility and ability to raise awareness of key stormwater treatment processes. Baffle Box installations are often accompanied by public observation covers allowing people to see the inner workings of the device.

Ultimately, providing these opportunities for community education can help change hearts and minds. Curious members of the public can see these devices in action and learn about their capabilities from educational signage, which helps establish healthier mindsets when it comes to treating stormwater and protecting our waterways.

Key Benefits

  • Adaptable: Ideal Retrofit Capabilities
  • Viewing Windows: Community Education & Awareness
  • Quick & Easy to Install
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