Protecting Woolooware Mangroves from Stormwater Pollutants

SPEL Vortceptor Installation at Woolooware, NSW

Our NSW team recently delivered two SPEL Vortceptor units alongside the industry leading SPEL Filter system at a new development site in Woolooware, NSW. Together, these devices will provide primary and tertiary stormwater treatment at the site, which sits near a Mangrove Forest along the Georges River.

Why Mangrove Forests Are Critical

Mangroves are of high ecological value for they serve multiple functions that benefit shorelines and aquatic life:

  • Preventing Erosion – The dense and tangled roots of mangroves help bind and build soils. Mangrove roots that grow above ground slow down water flow and encourage sediment deposition, preventing erosion and further shoreline retreat.
  • Improving Water Quality – Mangroves’ ability to hold onto sediment also greatly improves water clarity and quality. This helps more sunlight to penetrate through the water column, increasing the level of photosynthesis in other plant life that co-exist with the mangroves.
  • Providing a Nursery for Aquatic Life – Mangroves are an important habitat for many marine mammals. They serve as breeding and feeding grounds for any fish, prawn, bird, and invertebrate species.
Mangroves improve water quality by encouraging suspended sediments in the water column to settle.

Coastal vegetation near urban areas is vulnerable to unmanaged stormwater runoff. Stormwater can increase the volume of sediments and toxic chemicals that are introduced to mangrove areas, throwing off the balance in these habitats and impairing their natural ability to protect shorelines.

To mitigate the stormwater impact that new developments can have in these foreshore habitats, stormwater treatment devices are put in place. In the case of our project site in Woolooware, SPEL delivered two Vortceptor units to handle gross pollutants and a SPEL Filter system to improve stormwater quality.

SPEL Vortceptor and SPEL Filter Advantages

The Vortceptor is among SPEL’s most popular stormwater treatment solutions. As a non-blocking hydrodynamic separator, it produces vortex conditions that are conducive for pollutant removal. It effectively captures gross pollutants (including plastic and organic litter), sediments and silt, excess nutrients, oil and grease. On top of the Vortceptor’s excellent pollutant removal performance, its 100 year design life makes it an attractive primary stormwater solution for contractors and engineers.

The SPEL Filter, on the other hand, is a cartridge filter system that removes particulate matter and excess nutrients from stormwater. The system uses filter media which provides a greater surface area for absorbing pollutants. At the same time, the SPEL Filter offers a compact and modular design solution that can easily fit in constricted spaces. This gives contractors the flexibility they need in order to achieve desired stormwater quality while working within the limitations of their project site.

Visit the SPEL Vortceptor and SPEL Filter product pages to learn more.

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