Moorebank Intermodal Terminal – SPEL’s Contribution

Moorebank Intermodal Terminal will boost productivity and transport links, enabling import-export freight to travel through Sydney to and from Port Botany by rail. The interstate terminal will relieve pressure off rural and regional roads and improve the freight rail network. With rising costs of freight, once completed, this terminal will benefit the national supply chain that needs to transport goods. Read More


Protecting this natural waterway is paramount, and deceased Botanist Sir Joseph Banks would be please to know five SPELVorceptors are being used to protect the waterway and surrounding plant life from gross pollutants.


Accompanying the Vorceptors are diversion chambers constructed at our concrete manufacturing facility in Parkinson Qld. The purpose of these chambers are to direct flows into the SPELVorceptor to treat stormwater and free pollutants. The chambers are being installed by Wright Way Plumbing & Civil.


For more information about the Vorceptor, please visit SPELVorceptor or contact SPEL.

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