World Water Day 2022: Celebrating Groundwater

What is World Water Day?

World Water Day is held on the 22nd of March every year and raises awareness for the 2 billion people currently living without access to safe water. This year’s goal is to discuss the health of our groundwater with the World Water Day organisers saying, ‘out of sight, under our feet, groundwater is a hidden treasure that enriches our lives.’

Almost all the liquid freshwater in the world is contained in our groundwater. In many places, the health of groundwater is threatened by over-use and pollution. Protecting groundwater is a critical component of balancing the needs of people and the planet.

Protecting the Health of our Groundwater

The aquifers that hold groundwater can be affected by pollution for decades. We must use groundwater sustainably, and ensure it is replenished by unpolluted water, or we risk damaging this resource for future generations.

Groundwater plays a vital role in many of our systems, including sanitation, agriculture, industry and local ecosystems. Climate change increases the risks to this resource. As severe weather events increase in frequency, water runoff from urban spaces also increases. Without stormwater treatment and pollution management strategies, we leave our water reserves vulnerable.

Exploring, protecting and sustainably using groundwater is central to adapting to climate change, and ensuring that our growing population can access water safely and securely.

Filtering Water: Keeping Pollutants Out

We can protect our groundwater by ensuring stormwater is effectively treated. By keeping pollutants out of stormwater, they are unable to enter our waterways and leech into our groundwater reserves. Filter systems provide a great way of helping to improve local water quality.

Our SPELFilter cartridge system is proven to remove pollutants, sediment, and chemical compounds from urban runoff including phosphorus, heavy metals and nitrogen. With an up-flow treatment process that maximizes surface area and a self-regulation siphon, these filters provide high-performance stormwater treatment with minimum maintenance requirements.

The applications of these filters include car parks, council depots, industrial estates, airports, loading bays and many other high-use sites. Onsite stormwater assets ensure that runoff from urban infrastructure is treated, which helps protect ecosystems and ensure clean water.

The SPELFilter is an industry-leading solution for stormwater treatment. Used on many sites across Australia to help mitigate the effects of waterborne pollution, this filter system can be configured to meet the requirements of many different stormwater scenarios and flow rates.

At SPEL we celebrate World Water Day and the ways we can help secure a healthy and sustainable future for our waterways. An important part of this is a pollution-free outlook for our groundwater reserves.

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