International Biodiversity Day 2022: Building A Better Future for All Life

International Biodiversity Day 2022

This year’s International Biodiversity Day asks us to ‘build a better future for all life’, and we support this initiative to improve biodiversity with sustainable development, green solutions, and water security.

Celebrated each year on May 22, and introduced in 1993, International Biodiversity Day’s goal is to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. Biodiversity is the variety of plant and animal life in our environments – with higher levels of biodiversity helping to maintain balanced and healthy ecosystems.

Currently, biodiversity is declining across the globe, which is linked to development and human activity – such as deforestation, water pollution and climate change. International Biodiversity Day seeks to reverse this trend and ‘bend the curve’ back to increasing biodiversity, and we support this endeavour with sustainable engineering and stormwater technologies that lower our impacts on our local environment.

Increasing Biodiversity in Urban Landscapes

Floating wetlands are an important stormwater asset and help biodiversity goals by providing environmentally sound and sustainable infrastructure for improving water quality.

Providing a habitat for land and marine-based wildlife, and media for the growth of plants – floating wetlands help sustain biodiversity while answering some of the water quality concerns of modern development.

These devices provide many benefits, like water filtration, odour mitigation and anaerobic digestion. They filter nearby waterways and remove many deleterious compounds, including total suspended solids (TSS), nutrients, gross pollutants, and heavy metals.

At SPEL, we support this year’s International Biodiversity Day, and believe strongly in building a better future for all and preserving Joy in Water for future generations.

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