Vortceptor: ACT Government Asset Approval

Vortceptor: ACT Government Asset Approval

The Vortceptor is SPEL’s single-piece fibreglass Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT), which uses low vortex conditions and a unique no-blocking screen design to achieve excellent pollution removal and better water quality outcomes on-site – and has now received approval for use on government maintained sites across the ACT.

Applicable across a wide range of project sizes and catchments, the SPELVortceptor is capable of handling flow rates from smaller residential runoff up to large catchments areas (up to 1600 litres per second), these units can even be placed back-to-back, effectively doubling their flow rate capacity.Produced from reinforced fibreglass with a stainless-steel screen, these lightweight devices have a host of key benefits and impressive data when it comes to pollution removal. They have been rated at 70% removal of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and 99.9% capture of Gross Pollutants, which places them above key industry performance benchmarks.These devices are suited for application across a range of sites and sectors, including –

  • Shopping Precincts
  • Carparks & Transit Locations
  • Commercial Zones
  • Recreational Grounds
  • Industrial Areas
  • Beaches and Parks
  • Residential Development

The fibreglass single-piece design of the Vortceptor ensures a low carbon footprint with lower emission overheads during manufacture, freight, and installation. Due to their lightweight design, and the accessibility of the screens, these devices are easy to maintain and install – providing cost reductions across the service life of the unit.Fully compliant with ACT TCCS MIS008 design requirements, these municipal infrastructure standards ensure that approved devices have the right structural, safety features and hydraulic specifications for use across the ACT.

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