Back In Stock: SPELFlow ADS Pipe

Engineered for resiliency and sustainability, SPELFlow ADS Pipe is a great project asset that provides high performance and adaptability when it comes to stormwater conveyance. Our newest shipment has just reached our yards, and we are ready to supply this versatile product for your project.

Meeting the demands of our environment and stresses of our local weather with its robust tolerance for heat, acid-sulphate soils and abrasion – the premium joint quality, HDPE construction and hydraulic specifications of SPEL Flow ADS Pipe ensures long service life.

Long Design Life​​​
Corrosion & Abrasion Resistance
Lightweight: Easy Install & Shipping​​
Sustainable: Low Carbon Footprint & Recyclable ​
High-Performance Fitting & Joining​

A versatile dual walled product, SPELFlow ADS Pipe’s smooth internal walls provide high hydraulic efficiency, while its external corrugated cladding adds structural strength and support. Tried and tested durability, corrosion resistance and 120-year design life make it a natural choice for tough conditions found at many local sites, including:

  • Railway
  • Highways & roads
  • Marine & coastal drainage
  • Mining
  • Civil stormwater
  • Agriculture irrigation
Compared to reinforced concrete products, HDPE pipe delivers key benefits in line with its lightweight structure and low carbon footprint. These upsides are evident from delivery to installation – extremely tough, easy to work with and chemically inert – which make it a premium solution for a wide variety of on-site specifications.
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