SPEL Donates $20,000 Towards the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

SPEL has raised over $20,000 in donations towards emergency relief and humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine. With millions of people displaced by war and violence, many people from the region are lacking adequate food, electricity, and medical care. These donations will be used by local charities to aid with the ongoing response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

We stand resolutely with all those affected by this unjust war, and the many families who have been touched by the devastating conflict. As hospitals struggle to cope, and resources are stretched thin, we hope these donations help to supply crucial funding where it counts.

One Month On: Showing Our Support

We join a large international contingent of countries, businesses and charity organisations looking to provide relief in this time of need – and to come together to make a difference for the people of Ukraine and its neighbouring countries.

As the number of casualties rises, and with hospitals and social services struggling to meet demand, we hope the international community continues to raise the funds necessary for vital supplies, medical attention and shelter. We are inspired by the people of Ukraine and their strength and resilience in these critical times.

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