Glenfield Transport Interchange Upgrade – South West Rail Link

Completion date: September 2012


  • NSW government rail initiative to improve reliability and address passenger growth on metropolitan rail network
  • Glenfield railway station and bus-rail interchange upgrade
  • Construction of two rail flyovers 
  • Alliance: NSW Transport, MVM Rail, MacMahon, Bouygues Travaux Publics and Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • Permanent and temporary drainage design
  • Heavy rail traffic over pipe                                             ads pipe


  • Pipe had to have RailCorp approval
  • Needed to be a heavy duty pipe, designed for LA350 rail loads and A160 road loads
  • Pipe required a design life of at least 100 years
  • Long lengths that were easy and quick to install to maximise the pipe metres installed during each session.
  • Reduction in site OH&S risks – lighter lifting weights and smaller machinery to move and install pipes achieved this result.
  • Low environmental impact through a reduced carbon footprint to complement the clients low carbon environmental footprint.


  • AS 2566 is the design standard for the ADS HDPE pipe
  • Railcorp standards TMC421 and ESC420
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