Stormwater Drainage Upgrade – WA

Installation date: May 2014


  • Concrete pipework along Cambridge Street as part of a significant drainage upgrade.
  • ADS N-12 HDPE pipe was selected by the contractor and approved by the council as the best product to meet the needs of the project.
  • The lightweight, long lengths available (4m and 6.1m) and the use of a press-fit integrated bell and spigot fitting reduced installation time over comparable materials such as concrete, reducing installation time and lowered all associated costs including traffic management.


  • Swift installation required – Cambridge Street is a major thoroughfare and any disruption to traffic would cause significant problems for road users, local residents and businesses.
  • Swift project completion required to avoid additional traffic management costs to the council and its contractors.


  • Materials used had to comply with the relevant Australian design standards and codes.
  • HDPE stormwater pipe as a minimum had to meet AS2566.2.
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