StormTech: Raingarden at Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy Victoria

Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy Victoria – Raingarden with Stormwater Harvesting

Installation date: October 2011


  • Edinburgh Gardens is a 24-hectare park located in North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria.
  • A Raingarden project was initiated to provide a sustainable source of treated stormwater for the parks mature trees and sporting fields, whilst adding character to the existing landscape of the park.
  • The City of Yarra selected GHD to design the raingarden and StormTech system.


  • The raingarden was designed to remove 16,000 kg of total suspended solids (TSS) each year. A further 160 kg of nutrients, phosphorus and nitrogen to be removed through vegetation growth thereby avoiding release of these pollutants into Melbourne’s waterways.
  • 200kL of filtered water to be collected in StormTech underground water storage and used to irrigate existing trees. The raingarden is designed to reduce potable water by 4Ml per annum.
  • Source stormwater from the North Fitzroy Main Drain to be diverted to the newly designed terraced raingarden.
  • Filtered water to be harvested for irrigation of trees within the park and local precinct.
  • Main components of the project:
  1. Diversion pipe with gross pollutant trap
  2. Surcharge pit into 700 sq.m raingarden with StormTech rainwater catchment chambers providing storage structure
  3. Terraced raingarden comprising StormTech chambers, appropriate planting and filter media to treat the stormwater
  4. Overflow pit with underground pipe connected to 200 kL underground storage facility using StormTech chambers.


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