MUSIC Modelling Made Easy!

With our constantly changing urban landscape detrimentally affecting the volume and quality of water flow, MUSIC has always been the \’go to\’ software for producing best design and efficiency practices in WSUD modelling.

Yet there are often errors caused by the manual process of location mapping and loading meteorological templates.

This year, SPEL introduced their own MUSIC interface. Designed and engineered by senior technical consultant Mircea Stancu, SPEL-Mi simplifies the process by integrating both Google maps and meteorological templates into the platform. These advancements make modelling quick and easy, and reduce many of these common errors:

  • Selecting the incorrect meteorological template
  • Selecting the incorrect MUSIC source nodes
  • Setting the incorrect area for source nodes
  • Creating inappropriate treatment nodes (swales too short, bios with very shallow media, etc)
  • Rainwater tanks set with no demands
  • Missing the treatment of some pollutants (GPs, TSS or Dissolved pollutants)

The other key benefit of SPEL-Mi is the time saved in producing finished models. Modelers no longer need to review council design guidelines, and with the platform\’s ability to create multiple options in a single batch, the drudgery of optimisation is removed. SPEL-Mi is also faster in identifying and building source nodes from a catchment plan, and building construction nodes (bioretention, swale and rainwater tanks).

Finally, the access to information is far easier. The project owner can simply save a copy of the spreadsheet or send the MSF file to the modeler

SPEL-Mi – it truly is MUSIC modelling made easy.

Test SPEL-Mi platform

SPEL-Mi webinar

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