Stormceptor-Hydrosystem Stormwater Treatment Trains for City of Casey, VIC

SPEL was delighted to deliver two stormwater treatment trains for a new 226-unit residential development in the City of Casey. Each treatment train is composed of a Stormceptor and a Hydrosystem.

The double-chamber Stormceptor serves as a sediment and hydrocarbon management device. The device uses retention time to separate sediment and light fluids from stormwater. This proess is also aided with the use of a coalescer over the outlet. The Hydrosystem, on the other hand, is a stormwater filter device that targets nutrient removal.

A stormwater treatment train that combines these two devices can achieve high pollutant reduction in stormwater—effectively reducing hydrocarbons, heavy metals, Total Suspended Solids, and excess nutrients that may be present in runoff.

Backed by strong testing data, the client favoured the Stormceptor-Hydrosystem treatment train as it met Council requirements. This solution also allowed for easy installation within a tight footprint and easy access for maintenance later.

Another factor that makes this treatment train a winning stormwater management solution for our customers is SPEL’s leading 25-Year Warranty on the Construction of the units and a 5-Year warranty on the filters.

Click here to learn more about the Stormceptor’s key advantages or here for more details on the SPEL Hydrosystem.

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