SPELVault Installation in Mascot, NSW

We’re thrilled to deliver yet another batch of SPELVault precast concrete tanks for on-site stormwater detention (OSD). This time, we supplied three SPELVault modules to a new development in Mascot, NSW.

SPEL was engaged by the client to provide an OSD solution that could provide stormwater filtration and would allow for faster and simpler installation. Combined with the use of SPELFilters, the SPELVault was the answer. The three SPELVault tanks provided a total OSD capacity of 30,000 litres. The tanks’ filtration chambers which housed the SPELFilters provided capacity for 7,000 litres.

Thanks to SPELVault’s precast construction and modular design, the installation was completed in under four hours. Click here to learn more about SPELVault’s key advantages or here for more details on SPELFilter.

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