SPEL Engineering & Innovation: Q&A with Andre Magar

Head of SPEL’s National Engineering Team, Andre Magar, and his team provide technical support, design advice and sustainable engineering outcomes across many of our flagship projects.

A consistent contributor to stormwater industry bodies such as UDIA, Stormwater Shepherds, Stormwater NSW & FRANC, Andre’s work mediates growth and profitability through sustainable frameworks and environmental compliance.

As an advocate for stormwater change, Andre helps guide our ongoing projects and relationships with consulting engineers, councils, and local authorities.

The national team has been operating for a year now. SPEL is growing at a fast pace, and we wanted to have a dedicated team that specialises in servicing consultants as well as high-end engagement with councils and authorities.

We can give our clients the extra support they need… and provide conformity when it comes to the way our products & projects are designed, sized, modelled, and approved.

We want to be able to offer consulting engineers options. There are always specific constraints and (industry) teams are under the pump when it comes to resources.

In our industry, people are often time-poor, and SPEL’s engineering team helps relieve this stress – assisting with quick turn-around models within 24 to 48 hours. We help our clients meet important deadlines and project timelines.

The fact SPEL currently has over 15 products means SPEL has versatile options for our clients. We can offer a full treatment train of devices, which optimises environmental and economic outcomes – while maintaining commercial viability.

It all comes down to collaboration. Collaboration and partnership. One hand does not clap on its own – and we are highly active in partnering with academic partners and professional associations. We want to share our experiences and learn from others.

Growth happens when you collaborate and work together to reach great outcomes. The most recent of these is the development of our partnership with EA (Engineers Australia) with over 100,000 engineers as part of their membership helping us with webinar opportunities and digital collaboration.

It joins our existing partnerships such as UDIA & Stormwater NSW.

EA is a key step towards connecting with engineers from all different sectors. We are looking forward to creating valuable content that engages the wider engineering market and raises awareness of stormwater.

Obviously, the advocacy part is important – stormwater is still considered ‘a little forgotten’ in the water sector.

Our job as a company is to shine the bright light on stormwater and ensure we do what it takes to take the place it needs – and work with councils, politicians, and the public to secure better outcomes and thus protect our precious waterways.

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